Workshops and conferences can be tailored to meet your needs. A one to two-hour workshop or a half day or full day workshop, for example, can focus on desired topic(s).

Friendship with God

Learning to hear and recognize God’s voice is essential in developing an intimate and vibrant relationship with the Lord. Prayer also includes listening to the Lord, and He communicates to us in a myriad of different ways.

In this session, we will cover some common ways God speaks. As we create a culture of grace in our homes and churches where we seek to follow the leading of His voice more and more, I believe we will see God move naturally supernaturally!

Identity in Christ

Helping to solidify children and youth in their identity in Christ is so foundational to growing in their faith! Our sense of identity and value has a direct affect on the choices and decisions we make and how we relate to the Lord and to other people. When we become followers of Christ, we are adopted into God’s family and therefore have incredible value!

Prophetic Ministry

Simply put, prophecy is God speaking to us and through us to show His love for us. In this session, we will explore simple ways to equip and encourage the younger saints to minister to people loving, encouraging words as they learn to sense God’s leading and inspiration.

Prophetic Arts

What is the first thing that God wanted us to know about Him in the Bible? He is Creator God! We are made in His image, so we also were made to create. People can express their creativity though a variety of ways as singing (spontaneous song), dancing, flagging, poetry, photography, sculpting, weaving, pottery, drama, song writing, interior decorating, baking, and the list goes on. When we are inspired by God and partner with the Holy Spirit, what we create can be very anointed and minister to others. In this session, we will explore and experience some of the ways God speaks through creative expression.

Healing the Sick

The Great Commission states that disciples of Jesus have the charge to heal to sick in Jesus’ name, as the Holy Spirit empowers them. God is the Healer. God may or may not heal a person, but we are called to pray for healing in faith, even in the midst of seemingly impossible situations. In this session, we will explore ways to equip the younger saints to naturally pray for the sick as they are moved by God’s heart of compassion.

Healing Hearts

I believe equipping children with simple inner healing tools to use in their everyday life is essential. It is my personal conviction that teaching children about forgiveness and how God wants to heal our hearts, is so essential for their spiritual growth. If we can teach children how to release their hurt and pain to the Lord, they can experience the healing, restoration and freedom that Christ offers while they are young.

Angels and the Supernatural

The invisible spiritual realm is very real. Angels are active all around us whether we see them or not - and the spiritual realm is as real as the physical realm. In this session, we will briefly explore ways to simply introduce these topics and concepts to the younger saints.

Evangelism and Missions

We can expose even young children to mission outreaches locally and globally! In this session, we will explore ways to develop in children a compassionate heart for those in spiritual and physical poverty. Just as adults are marketplace ministers in their workplaces, children and youth are marketplace ministers in their schools and in the social and sport groups they belong to. Children have the capacity to carry a heart and burden for the lost. They can look for opportunities to bless others and build relationships with non-believers (in wisdom as we guide them), as children are called to be salt and light in this world as well!

Dreaming with God

We were born to dream. In this session, we will explore this concept of dreaming with God and aim to release a generation of dreamers who can envision with the Holy Spirit and dream BIG dreams that glorify Him!

girl with arms outstretched


There are numerous ways we worship God – even labor can be worship! Children have the capacity to encounter God through worship in amazing ways. Our King has made it clear through His Word on how He loves to be approached. God inhabits the praises of His people. In this session, we will explore ways to engage children in true worship.

It can be a fun, interactive unit to go over the many ways we can approach God in worship. Have children experience worship in various postures.

The Leader in Me

Children can be given many opportunities to serve God and others that develop leadership within them according to their level of maturity, character, and gifts. This approach may contradict a certain belief that children can be great ministers and leaders when they grow up. The same Holy Spirit lives in child believers as in adult believers, which enables children and youth to become valuable and powerful ministers in the Body of Christ, alongside adults. Because children are immature in many ways, and their character is still in process, adults and older teens can serve as mentors. In this session we will explore how to raise up leaders among the younger saints.

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