Matt Tommey

Speaking on Created to Thrive

Matt Tommey is a world class artist, artist coach, musician, author and speaker. He is an artist working in Asheville, North Carolina’s River Arts District. He has helped thousands of artists around the world! Since the mid-1990’s Matt’s been creating woven sculpture using basketry techniques for his clients that reflect the rustic elegance of nature. These days, Matt’s woven art is featured in some of the most beautiful mountain homes in the country and is created from locally harvested bark, vines and branches. He hosts the annual Thriving Christian Artist Conference and has spoken with Shawn Bolz in an interview on Exploring the Prophetic Podcast!

Matt has a podcast called the The Thriving Christian Artist – each Friday he answers callers’ questions. He also has a public Facebook group for Christian artists called ‘Thriving Christian Artists’ with over 20k followers from around the world, which is a great community for creative people with all different types of mediums at all different levels from hobbyist to professional.

Matt will join us via a video message made specifically for our Hawaii Renaissance audience!