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Below you will find the materials recommended for each workshop.

You will pick two workshops to attend live - one before lunch (10:30 - 12 noon HST) ,and one after lunch (1-2:30 pm HST).

You can always view other workshops AFTER the conference, since they will be recorded and accessible to you.



An Actor Prepares
By Antonio Anagaran

God can mightily work through the creativity released in Performing Arts. This workshop is for those who want to jump in and play. We’ll lead you through vocal and physical warm-ups as well as spend time playing theater games, which are building blocks for performance. You will also gain perspectives and insights on how you can partner with the Holy Spirit in the craft of acting and be inspired on how the Lord can impact the hearts and minds of the viewers through story and ‘moments’ in a play, drama, video, or movie!

Painting with Jesus
With Jodi and Jason Ortiz, Elaster “Nick” Nickelberry, and Karla Takazono

Painting with Jesus is a class that is led by the Holy Spirit. Attendees will experience painting as a means of worship and prayer. As we connect to the Lord, He will begin to reveal His heart and empower us to become the creative expression of God’s love to others. This will help us to move into a place of intimacy and connection to the Master Creator himself!

The focus of this workshop is not on the product but rather the process, as we partner with the Holy Spirit in our time together.

Prophetic Art (Spirit-led) will continue to speak throughout the ages, and it can speak a different message to each person that comes in contact with it. Whether you are a novice or professional, God can and will use you through art!

Spirit-Led Floral Design
By Joyce Kaneshiro

Floral Design is a unique way to show the love, joy, and grace of Jesus Christ with the world. Joyce Kaneshiro has given floral design workshops for Ikebana International and the MGMC Floral Ministry. She has a joy and passion for sharing her love of partnering with the Holy Spirit through floral design. Not only will she share design tips, you will also receive an impartation of the joy she has experienced in her 40 years of designing.Each attendee will take home a flower arrangement they create.

The Power of Poetry
By Faye Nickelberry

As a creative expression, poetry is a part of our daily lives through advertisements, popular songs, rhymes, hymns, certain books of the bible and so much more! At its deepest level, poetry voices the human experience, heart, and soul. Poetry has the capability to change societies, challenge cultures, and bring to ordinary people eye-opening concepts, vision, and experiences. It has the ability to capture the most intimate and tormenting moments of life. Poetry is a celebration of “Self!” It is intimate, passionate, personal, and far-reaching!

Enhancing the reader’s imagination and participation, poetry is descriptive and dramatic as it ebbs and flows with rhythms of intense emotion. It is illustrative language that embodies the very soul of the writer as well as the theme, objects, or characters chosen to be written about. Poetry demands emotional response from its audience. Poetry is awe-inspiring communication that can be used to celebrate God, His creation, and life!

Creativity and Intimacy: Finding His Voice in the Creative Process
By Sam Cabra

How do we find His voice in the creative process? Creating with God can only come from intimacy with Him. How well we know Him will dictate how well we hear from Him. As creatives, let’s dive into new depths of intimacy with Him for our creativity to flow from. In this workshop, you will learn practical ways to develop your ability to hear His voice!

Freeing the Heart of the Creative
By Jason and Tisha Lehfeldt

Are you tired of fear, pride, insecurities or self-reliance stealing, killing and destroying your creative expressions in the Kingdom of God?All of these issues (and more) are rooted in the battle we fight to see our identify fully established in the Father’s love!If you want to learn how to turn the tide and start to win this battle, join us in this session.You’ll be equipped to effectively tap into God’s transforming love and power to establish you as that confident creative conqueror you were created to be!

Praising God with Words & Music: Worship Songwriting
By Chaz Umamoto


From the beginning of time God has been creating and ordering the world around us. Worship songwriting is the practice of taking words and music from the Lord and forming them into pieces that we give back to Him as a form of worship. The goal of this workshop is to practice hearing from the Lord then forming those moments past their first inception.

  • In this workshop we will:
    Go into depth defining types of worship music
    Cover songwriting basics
    Practice taking our spontaneous worship and ordering those moments into worship songs

Creative Financing: Manage Your Finances to Live Debt-Free, Leave a Legacy, and Be a Generous Giver to God's Work
By Del Fujinaka

Ever struggle with living in debt?Do you desire to manage your finances in such a way, so you not only have enough for you and your family, but have more to generously give to God's ministries including the needy?

Romans 13:8 states: "Owe no one anything except to love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the law." For many people, the huge dilemma is... If we finance a home, car, investments, and yes even iPhones these days, are we living above our means and out of God's will? If we have any debt, are we justified to finance one item on the list but not the other? This workshop will enable you to dream with God in the area of your finances.

The intent of this workshop is to level the playing field of the world's financial system through "unbiased" financial education and awareness. You will become more aware of what the bank elites "do" creatively and not what they "say" to do, to build stable wealth. Learn how to manage cash flow to build wealth in an up or down market through kingdom principles. 

The result? 
Live Debt Free: Learn a practical way to pay off your bad debt.
Living and Leaving and Legacy: Learn how you can love one another by giving your money, time, and prayer to others and to worthy causes on God's heart! Become a generous source of God's transformation to people and to families - making a difference that could impact generations after you!

Creating Atmosphere: Event Planning
By Shannon Marocco

Whether you're planning a family gathering, a party, a wedding, or a conference, you will learn how to take one idea and turn it into an unforgettable creative experience by focusing on the look, feel, and atmosphere of the event. In this workshop, you will receive a step by step process to help you conceptualize your theme, build a team, and execute your vision with excellence.  The key to every successful event is to remember “IT’S IN THE DETAILS.”

The Beauty of Creative Organization
By Jennifer Bryant

If you love to plan and execute projects, you might be a creative problem-solver! Discover the power of planning and generous communication as gifts you can use to affect and inspire your community. Develop a practical framework to deliver information for just about any project from large organizational goals and messages to personal projects like blogs and podcasts. Harness the power of story to capture your audience and move them from problem to solution.



When the Spirit says 'Dance!'
By Nicole Lam

Do you ever feel the desire to move when you worship? Do you ever feel like words and sounds are not enough to express what is in your heart?... If so, then this workshop is for you!

This workshop is for anyone and everyone who wants to praise and worship God through dance! No dance experience needed. We will explore what it means to enter into worship like a child, as a son or daughter dancing for their Heavenly Father. Different facets of dance and creative movement will be presented to use as tools to bring our heart of worship from the inside out, including ways for parents and children to worship together at home. Dance can be spontaneous, spirit-led, choreographed, singular or in a group, it can be dynamic or gentle... Dance is a physical expression of what our hearts feel when we encounter the love of God.

A Producer’s Workshop for Beginners
By Scott Winters

Do you believe in the power of ‘Story’?  Are you a story teller?  Have you ever dreamed of making movies or television?  Would  you want to entertain or... Is this how you would change the world?  Come to a workshop for Producers with actor/producer Scott William Winters (scottwilliamwinters.com) and find out!

Hide it in Your HeArt: Bible Journaling
Debbie Ong

Bible journaling is a creative and visual way to explore Scripture and meditate on God’s Word. You don’t have to be an artist! It’s all about pursuing God and finding Him in His Word. There’s no pressure, no comparison, no worries! If you have a journaling or note-taking Bible (A Bible with extra wide margins), bring it, but if not, no worries! Materials provided to help you get started exploring God’s Word through art.

Finding Your Creative Flow in the Marketplace: Business Entrepreneurship
By Carol Hayashida and Panel

Creativity isn’t just limited to the arts and music. It can also come in the form of innovative business ideas and strategies or in design thinking. Hear from a panel of entrepreneurs and marketplace professionals who are discovering their purpose and original design, and hearing the God sized strategies that bring kingdom solutions to the marketplace. You will see creativity in a new way as you discover that there are many “creatives” in the marketplace, releasing the kingdom of God and changing and shifting culture.

Instruments for Intimacy
By Jay Iranon

This workshop will help you build your intimacy with the Lord through the playing of your instruments. More than music, you will learn how to play resonating sounds that communicate with the Lord. Sometimes the deepest parts of your heart seldom find its way to words. I have found that these resonating sounds bring those deep parts of your heart out by allowing the Holy Spirit direct what you play that communicates from the spirit man. You will also learn that the Lord speaks to us during these times as well, thus, we will learn to listen to Him whilst we play.

The Hero’s Journey: Storytelling
By Shiloh Kaneshiro

All throughout history, humanity has presented and consumed stories. They make us think, feel, and aid us in contextualizing the world around us. How can we, as children of God, use stories to worship Him here on earth? Whether you are an aspiring writer or just someone who wants to get a story out there, this workshop presents the tools you need to create fantastic, successful stories in today’s world. You will walk away with formulas for compelling plots, characters, and worlds and the outline to help you breathe life into imaginative tales to glorify our Father.

(*also great for any type of public speakers, marketplace/business presenters, and pastors - anyone who needs to communicate a message to an audience!)

Acting: A Service Industry
By Kathleen and Frank Montelceone

From realizing the gifts God has given you to approaching a character to sustaining a full career, the heart and attitude of a fruitful and successful actor is service. We will dive into how, what and who the actor serves and how it produces the most authentic and rewarding work.

Envisioning With God
By Francis Oda

Learn simple, yet the powerful practice of envisioning with God. Learn to recognize His voice and trust in His insights into your life! This daily practice will put you in position to hear and receive divine inspiration and ideas from God that can impart direction and vision for whatever job/profession you are in, for your family, and for your life in general!

Stop Thinking About Writing That Book and Do It
By Glenn Stanton

Many of us have dreamed of being an author, of turning that great idea for a book into something readers can actually hold in their hands and benefit from your story or unique insight. Glenn T. Stanton, the author of 9 books and countless published articles, will teach you how to take your book idea from concept and to reality with practical and common-sense advice as you co-create with God!

Baking: Edible Sculptures inspired by the Holy Spirit
By Jocelyn Sasaki

Do you enjoy cooking or baking? Be empowered to supernaturally bless those around you with your culinary arts. We will explore how to allow the Holy Spirit to invade your kitchen and your cooking. Even if you are cooking simple dishes, you can learn how to make your dish a work of art designed by the Holy Spirit. We will discuss how to let God infuse the flavor, feeling, and visual appearance of your dish! You will also be equipped with practical tips on how to bless others with your Holy Spirit infused cooking.

Workshop Speakers

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